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rotary_park_a2010_005On March 23 Mike Watts, Horticulturist for the City of Peru spoke to the Peru Rotary Club about plans for Peru Rotary Park.
The park is  located at 3rd and Pike street in Peru. 
We have scheduled clean up days for the first Saturday of the month at 9am from now through October.  We intend to spend one hour each month working to keep the park looking its best.
There is currently no water in the park.  We are investigating the costs involved in getting water back in the park so that we can plant new trees and perennials.  
Mike recommends that we start adding 3 or 4 new trees a year to the park, and have a goal of 55 trees perrotary_park_a2010_007 acre.
In the past our club purchased playground equipment, benches, shelter and many other necessary things to make the Rotary Park an enjoyable place for the community.
About Peru Rotary Park
(courtesy of Mick Macnamara's program on 10-3-2008)
Our club became involved with the park  as part of the Pride in Peru Program, a spin-off of Adopt-a-Highway.  Our commitment to the park began in 1994 under the Superintendent of Public Works Direction.  Roelif Loveland, Dr. Ken Sack and President Paul Shy headed the committee.  When our club took on this commitment, the park was in poor condition, so initial efforts were cleaning the park with a goal to make improrotary_park_a2010_003vements.
There are memorials to three deceased members in the park.  There is a plaque on the shelter dedicated to past member Premo Baracani.
There is a maple tree and plaque in the southwest corner of the park as a memorial to Dr. Ken Sack.
There is a tree and plaque in honor of Gene Mischke.
The playground equipment was purchased by Peru Rotary during Ken Credi's presidency.  It was installed by the city of Peru.
Flower Bedsrotary_park_a2010_019
In the late 1990's Peru Rotary matched contributions by the Peru Recreation Department for bushes, flowers and mulch in flower beds androtary_park_a2010_006 breastworks.  Spring and fall clean up days were started to keep the park looking neat and clean.
The Peru Rotary Park Sign was installed in 2004 to replace one which was vandalized.
Centennial Project
In 2004-2005 The Peru Rotary Club's Centennial Project was to purchase eight green park benches.  The benches had Rotary embossed on the back, as well as the Rotary Centennial logo and 4 way test.  The benches were installed by the city of Peru.
A 46" round four seat picnic table was placed near the playground.  It was installed by the city of Peru near the play ground so that it could be utilized by parents and children. 
A plaque commemorating the 2/23/05 Centennial recognizes large donors for the Centennial Project.
The city has installed a lamp post in the center of the park which matches the downtown theme a few blocks away on 4th street.  The lamp post stands where there was once a drinking fountain and flower beds.
rotary_park_a2010_015The Monument
(historic information courtesy of John Piano)
The Monument was dedicated Thirty-seven years after the end of the Civil War, but before WWI.  The theme is based on "western" front of Civil War battles.
Monument Engravings
North Side (Main)
Inscription- "Soldiers monument erected in 1902 by the Citizens of Peru in memory of soldiers and sailors who fought in the war of 1861-1865.rotary_park_a2010_011
Base Inscription-Chicamauga 9/19 & 20-1863.  Chicamauga battle was named after Chickamauga Creek in northern Georgia near Look Out Mountain.  This battle was won by the Confederates.
West Side
Base Inscription- Lookout Mountain 11/24 &25-1863.  Lookout Mountain is in northern Georgia/southern Tennessee near Chattanooga.  The Union won this battle and opened passage to the deep south.  There is an emblem on the Grand Army of the Republic.
South Side
Base Inscription-Fort Donelson 2/13-15, 1862.  Fort Donelson was a Confederate fort near Clarksville, Tennessee.  It was an early union victory preceding the march to Chicamauga and Lookout Mountain.  The emblem on this side celebrates Illinois 50 years as Statehood 1818-1868.
East Side
Base Inscription-Kennesaw Mountain-6/27/1864.  Kennesaw Mountain is near Atlanta, Georgia.  The confederates won the battle and defeated General Sherman.
The Soldier
The soldier used to have a sword, it was stolen many years ago, and was replaced in 1995 by Maze Nails.  It was stolen again soon after being replaced.
It is unknown who the statue is modeled after.  Two possible candidates are General Grenville Dodge and John Wesley Powell.
rotaryapril2010cleanupApril 2010 Park Clean Up Day
rotcleanupMay 2010 Park Clean Up Day
rotpaintTed Loveland re-painted the sign in Mid May 2010
xx   peru city park - cannonball park - rotary park _21
Photo submitted by Roelif Loveland
Date and names unknown
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