photo1Program Chair Jason Cavanaugh with speaker Helio Ruvalcaba (Ottawa Edward Jones Financial Advisor) speaking on the Rotary's Vocational Training Team's visit to Guatamala.
The purpose of rotary's vocational team visit to Guatamala was to teach local people sustainability. Helio was one of several rotary members chosen for his talent to teach life skills. He was stationed at a town called Ak-tenamit Schell where water was
scarce and day and night tempatures remained in the high 80's. Mr Ruvalcaba mentioned that it was so hot and humid during his visit that when locals hung their clothes to dry after hand washing them they had a hard time getting them to dry.
Interesting to know was the fact that rotary members were in an extremely remote area that has difficulty building roads due to the fact that vegitation grows so fast.
Natives refuse to advance and let go of traditions past down from past generations. They are also said to be very shy people who's social skills are improved by interacting with the rotary vocational training team. Locals are taught food sanitation, food preparation, marketing, and many other skills. Helio mentioned that it was nice to see that remote of an area have a medical facility with a doctor on site from Doctors without Borders. Extremely interesting presentation. Helio urge rotary members to consider enrolling in this life changing vocation if giving the chance.